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 „Великите умове и идеи в историята” е открито хуманистична  книга, събрала най-доброто от нашето интелектуално и културно наследство. Тя служи като мярка за гения и пътеводител към сюблимното в хода на човешката цивилизация. Тук носителят на „Пулицър” Уил Дюрант, наричан още „нежния философ” и „рад..
The Red Badge of Courage is an adaptation of Stephen Crane’s classic novel. The story is about a young man who goes to fight in the American Civil War on the side of the North’s Union Army. In order to prove his bravery, he wishes to be wounded in battle – “the red badge of courage”. The simplified ..
An Autobiography is an adaptation of Mark Twain’s famous autobiography. This title has approximately three thousand headwords and is appropriate for upper intermediate to advanced learners. Twain was an American writer of such classics as The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Adventures of Tom Saw..
The short stories in this book will undoubtedly leave a trace in your memory. All of them will touch your heart because they deal with those things which make us human beings: love, dreams, hopes, desires, atonement, honour, and the meaning of life. The collection presents 22 classic authors, two of..
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