The Red Badge of Courage

„Червеният знак на храбростта е адаптация на класическия роман на Стивън Крейн. Историята разказва за младеж, който се бие в Американската гражданска война на страната на Севера. За да докаже смелостта си, той иска да получи рана в битка – „червения знак на храбростта”. Опростеният текст съдържа 2500 основни думи и е подходящ за читатели на средно езиково ниво.

Романът на Стивън Крейн е включен в:
• списъка на Guardian на 100-те най-добри романа на английски език под №30
• антологията на Ърнест Хемингуей „Мъже във война: Най-добрите военни истории на всички времена”.

5.95 лв.

The Gift of the Magi

[:bg]"Даровете на влъхвите"

Колеция от петнайсет разказа на О. Хенри на английски език

Макар "Даровете на влъхвите" да е най-известният сред разказите на автора, останалите разкази включени в този сборника, дават на читателя по задълбочен и по-обогатен поглед над творчеството на О. Хенри.

This collection contains fifteen of O. Henry’s short stories. The Gift of the Magi is the most famous of his classic tales, but the stories that follow here give the reader a deeper and richer sample of O. Henry’s storytelling art. The text has been simplified and made easier to read for the enjoyment of readers who study English. It is appropriate for intermediate to advanced learners.

О.Henry (1862–1910) was a widely popular American short story writer, famous for his dry humor, wordplay and clever surprise endings.

“O. Henry’s finest work... reveal such a depth of understanding of the human heart as only genius can make manifest.” – Stephen Leacock, writer

“O. Henry can move you to tears as well as to laughter.”

– St. John Adcock, critic[:]

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The Red Badge of Courage is an adaptation of Stephen Crane’s classic novel. The story
is about a young man who goes to fight in the American Civil War on the side of the North’s
Union Army. In order to prove his bravery, he wishes to be wounded in battle – “the red
badge of courage”. The simplified text has about 2500 headwords and is appropriate for
intermediate learners.

The novel is included in:
• The Guardian’s list of The 100 Best Novels Written in English, No. 30
• Ernest Hemingway’s anthology Men at War: The Best War Stories of All Time

“Crane was concerned with elemental truth only… That is why his book is short. Not
quite two hundred pages. Gems are small.” – Joseph Conrad
“The good writers are Henry James, Stephen Crane, and Mark Twain. That’s not the
order they’re good in. There is no order for good writers.” – Ernest Hemingway